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"White on Black" - Tom Thomson Photography

Having to get someone to town early suits me just fine most times. When I went by the Pelicans in Devil’s Gap they were still in shade but I figured if I got back there quick enough they would really stand out against the dark shadows when the light hit… 
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       About Tom:

      Born and raised in Kenora, Ontario on Lake of the Woods, Tom has been chasing the light across the globe for over 40 years. With a strong passion for capturing the human condition as a photo-journalist, Tom has been on assignment in Kosovo, Costa Rica, Cuba, India, Nigeria and points across North American from California to Alaska and Nunavut. Tom has published a number of best-selling books including: Lake of the Woods; Lake of the Woods: A Way of Life; Northern Exposures; and the award-winning Faces of the flood: Manitoba's courageous battle against the Red River.

      Although Tom has enjoyed many opportunities to shoot abroad, it is the things closest to home, on Lake of the Woods in North Western Ontario, that inspire him the most. Tom’s love for the Canadian wilderness comes from his childhood spending time with his father (Tom Sr.) who was a renowned fishing guide on the Lake for most of his life. In his youth, Tom was often asked if he was related to the famous Canadian painter by the same name (which later in life found out he was). Tom’s natural curiosity lead him to develop a deep interest in the artist's use of composition and light. This early influence is apparent as his ability to capture the dynamic shapes and colours found in nature through trees, water and sky and gleans in his work.

      If Tom is not behind the lens, chances are you will find him behind the wheel of his boat with his family (especially his grandchildren) next to him, admiring all of what the wondrous Lake of the Woods has to offer.