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Fresh Water Pearls and Fox Fur Earrings- Pink, White, Grey, Green, Black

$110.00 $91.00

These beautiful earrings were lovingly handcrafted by Barbara Akoak of Inuk Barbie Designs. They feature fresh water pearls, copper wire and multi-coloured fox fur.

About Barbara:

Barbara Akoak is an Inuk artist skilled as a goldsmith, beadworker, seamstress, mural-work amongst several other skills as a visual artist. Barbara, owner of Inuk Barbie Designs, graduated from Nunatta Arctic College based out of Iqaluit, Nunavut in Jewellery and Metalwork in 2015. Barbara is inspired by her Inuk culture, and enjoys using natural materials such as fox-fur, sealskin, walrus-tusk, narwhal-tusk, animal bones, precious stone and precious metals as a way to express herself in her arts. From writing poems on oxidized copper or oxidized sterling silver with a chemical treatment, to cut outs of animals, or a simple polished piece of natural material, or the use of furs - it is important to Barbara to use bio-degradable, organic pieces as possible as a way of giving back to Mother-Earth. Inuit believe in hunting local animals as a way to keep the population of the animals at a healthy size, and with traditional teachings there are symptoms of what is healthy or not, the animals healthy. Using these materials is an honour to Inuit beyond just fashion, it ensures the animal and plant population remain, and grow in health in the beautiful land of the tundra where Inuit have continued to thrive for tens of thousands of years.