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About Adrienne

I started Lamb & Ivy in the middle of a pandemic! Long story short, I was inspired by Rose Apothecary on Schitts Creek, a fictitious general store offering everything you might need in your home.

Much like the beloved shop run by David Rose, I wanted Lamb & Ivy to offer premium products, sourced from Canadian artisans with a number of brands being from Alberta, which is where I call home. 

Born and raised in Kenora, Ontario, I moved to Alberta, first Calgary and later Edmonton, at the age of 12. I spent a short stint in Toronto Ontario, where I went to school for my Masters in Immigration and Settlement Studies.

Upon returning to Alberta, I moved to Edmonton for an internship with the Government of Alberta, this progressed into a 10 year career as a civil servant.

Edmonton officially became home when I met my husband, who was born and raised in this beautiful city. Seriously, have you seen the River Valley? 

Together we have three beautiful children, and when home life became hectic, I knew it was time to finally pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

I was very lucky to have the support and encouragement from family and friends as I embarked on this crazy, but rewarding journey. I have learned a lot throughout the process and continue to learn as Lamb & Ivy grows into something beautiful.