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Essential Foundation - Sappho New Paradigm


A rich, organic formula created for light to medium coverage imparting a soft satin finish that lasts.

Award-winning, this vegan foundation is made with certified organic ingredients as well as low heavy metal, ethically mined-minerals. It is especially embraced by those with combination skin and feels light as a feather. Offered in 10 global tones.

Tracey: Deep hue with slightly cool undertones 
Pam: Medium dark with slight red undertones 
Margot: Medium dark with a slightly yellow base (NEW!) 
Sarah: Deep caramel tone 
Sarita: Light caramel with slight olive undertone 
Norma: Deep golden with cool undertones (NEW!) 
Jennifer: Golden slight tan base 
Kate: Slightly tan base 
Rosalina: Fuller medium with slight olive undertone 
Lisa: Light medium with a slight yellow undertone 
Rachel: Light with a slight yellow undertone 
Leisha: Pale with slight yellow undertone 
Mia: Very pale with slightly pink undertone 
Bryce: Very pale with slightly yellow undertone


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stacey L Gellatly

The first foundation I actually LIKE putting on. Applying it for the first time I thought it might not cover well, but my skin looks and feels naturally clear and bright and still looks fresh at the end of the day. On top of that, it has a lovely texture and smells great.

New go to foundation!

I love this foundation. It’s very important to me that my make up is vegan, cruelty free and not full of gross extra stuff. Thankfully this foundation fits that criteria. From the very first application I knew I was going to love it. It looks so natural and lasts all day. This is honestly the first foundation I have ever actually loved! One pump is all I need. Looking forward to trying more of this brand. Thanks Lamb & Ivy!